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Deep cold technology demonstration and wisdom Zaoshu Bingshan group was invited to attend the "2017 China HVAC industry developm


In September 19th, &ldquo was held jointly by China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry association, China Energy Conservation Association guidance, industry online hand in hand "refrigeration and air conditioning"; 2017 China HVAC industrial development annual meeting ” (hereinafter referred to as “ industrial annual meeting ”) held in Beijing. The conference will focus on &ldquo, &bull and &rdquo, and explore new opportunities and challenges for HVAC industry.
The annual meeting set up “ heat supply ” and “ air conditioning ” two sub forum. The exchange content includes industrial policy, product technical standard, comprehensive solution, market prospect forecast and so on.
Iceberg group has been invited to attend the annual conference of the industry as a leader in refrigeration and HVAC industry. Under the guidance of "leading innovation and creating value", under the guidance of "leading the innovation center" and "the demonstration base of the cold and hot equipment intelligent manufacturing," the iceberg and the cold and hot technology for more than 80 years have gradually transformed from the cold and hot industrial chain to the cold and hot value chain to create a cold and hot ecological circle, leading our country,The development of cold and hot businesses will create new value for customers at home and abroad.
After the meeting, the deputy general manager of Dalian Ice Mountain Group Engineering Co., Ltd. and other invited guests witnessed the launching ceremony of the "2017 China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry development white paper" with other invited guests, and received an interview with the media "cold and warm online" of the industrial annual meeting!